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» News from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The Baltic Times.

Baltic states join fight against Islamic state in Iraq, Syria - The Baltic Times
The Baltic states have joined a U.S. led coalition in the fight against extremist group Islamic State (IS). The extremist group, known for taking large areas of Syria and northern Iraq as well ...
Latvian police launch investigation into missing builder suspected in killing British teenager - The Baltic Times
Latvian Police have launched an investigation today in to the whereabouts of missing Latvian builder Arnis Zalkalns. Zalkans, 41 from London is being treated as a prime suspect in the disappear...
Latvian man suspected in major murder case in UK - The Baltic Times
British detectives have revealed that a Latvian builder they are searching for in connection with the disappearance of U.K schoolgirl Alice Gross is a convicted murderer. Officers are now treat...
Estonia accuses Russia of meddling in criminal case of captured intelligence official - The Baltic Times
Estonia says Russia has pressured captured Estonian intelligence official Eston Kohver to drop his high profile lawyers. Tallinn says Kohver, 44 was captured in Estonian territory last Friday b...
Revealed: Stunning World War Two secret agent is unveiled as Latvian woman - The Baltic Times
The British National Archives have revealed the identity of stunning Second World War special agent ''Fifi'' as London-born Latvian Marija Kristine Cilvere. The beautiful blonde...
Russian pop singer to turn to courts after being banned from Latvia amid Ukraine crisis - The Baltic Times
Russian pop singer Joseph Kobzon will turn to European courts after being blacklisted from entering Latvia. Kobzon was banned from entering Latvia earlier this year over his pro Russia views am...

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